hey mayun sup

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not much u?

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Ahh, what would newgrounds be without the regular clock and lock submissions? Yours is a good, above-average movie. Looking forward to a sequal (I mean, strawberry is not gonna let this go unpunished, right?)

biohazard-moon responds:

actually he is, thank you for the above-average ratings

Great work

An all itme favourite. Really clever. I don't normally like clock or lock movies but this was great. I laughed many times during the movie and it left me wanting more. Great. I want to see a sequel!

biohazard-moon responds:

it will come, but i myself will die by laughter

i dident get it bud....

was this a comedy? this was a strange 1........sorry i think you should stick with humans not ball smileys and lava lamps

biohazard-moon responds:

if you dont get it "bud", then watch it again...and look closely on angry clocks body when he says asshole in the end, and it was a new genre, a mix between comedy and serious animation

there not funny anymore

please guys stop making clock animations, seriously no one likes them anymore. The voices are annoying and the annimation is crap. a clock flash hasnt been on the top flash boards since the first clock flash, and i hope i never see a clock animation get #1 because they suck

biohazard-moon responds:

please guy stop making stupid reviews like that one because, you may not like us.....but we dont give a shit, for our sake you can go mix your shit and piss and call it a drink...happy new year

I Just sat through a minute of animation I did....

not enjoy

biohazard-moon responds:

try to make a minút of animation other ´people will enjoy idiot

Credits & Info

2.13 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2005
4:40 PM EST
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