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THERE IS A WHITE SCREEN, BUT TRUST ME, IT"S LOADING! There are15 levels... we will post a cheat sheet later!For more go to www.inferno-design.com , or www.scetchbook.com.

ALOT CANT BEAT LVL 5.. it's the only full green dot! hint.. on the LEFT side. Level 14 is hard, lets say "it gives the tank some more dimension" look at the ng olog, then at this one :) Me and my friend pat made this. He said "lets make a game"... he didn't have any experience like what so ever... so we made something simple, then we expanded it into 15 levels... soem are quite challenging. You must beat the clock. Like wheres waldo.


good music

game play was hard for a laptop with no mouse. and yes it was very quick. i gave up on it quite quickly and only got upset when i need to click "next" due to having to be right on the letter.

like the song

I love Metroid Prime, and the concept behind the game is good. Thumbs up for the background music and the gameplay.

Pretty cool

It was kinda trouble some to click on the buttons but otherwise an awesome game

This is a stupid idea of a game

First you should put a loader. Two, you need to compress. 4 megs is ridiculous for a game like this. Three, put more thought because this game was just click on a dot that is on the screen. That is like Dora The Explorer. Next time you make a game, you have to put more thought because this was just cheap.

Too slow you lose?

THAT needs to be changed - I am none too fast at games to begin with, so please include an option to turn off the timer - it was WAY to quick for me to even get a look at the whole screen - I think I was on level 5. I tried twice and then gave up. Great idea though.

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2.46 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2005
11:28 PM EST
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