Primal War 02

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"UPDATE" : January 2nd, 2009 , about three years since the chapter was origionally made I decided to do a little changes, sort of a redux.I updated some of the look to match the final entries.I went back on the reviews and took the good advise that were given , also I learned a little more about flash since 2006 so I updated some effects as well.Sound was another factor where I also did changes and as well as music. Though this is Primal War 2 its really the first part of the series.


Good stuff

But, why is the file over 5mb if it is so short :|.
Well, I find the plot rather uninteresting but the animation sort of compensates for it


Alright The Graphics Are Nice But The Music Could Have Been Louder You Could Hardly Hear It And Hortullx The Animals Weren't Lame You Fucking Prick -.- And Who Cares About The Sword Cover?

Better graphics than 'flow'.

While beautifully animated, this Flash film fell short of its (enormous) potential for greatness in a key way; it was an action film with clumsy, almost stop-motion-like action. The scene with the most latent potential for brilliance was simply blacked out with quick splatters across the screen. I can appreciate the concept of using the audience's imagination as an extension of a scene - or even in lieu of one - but in this case it was no excuse. Animators are suppossed to display creativity, not come begging to their audience for it. In general, this was a decent short, but one with a great deal of room for improvement.


I saw the first one when it came in the portal, and I've been a fan ever since! The concept of Mammals vs Reptiles is really cool to watch played out. Your style of animation fits it perfectly. The only negative thing I can say is that there should probably be more sound in it. Overall, its a great movie and it shoulden't be missed! Final Grade: B+

I liked it

I know this entry got flamed a little by other users, and the last guy should check his pads. Though here's my noise: First off, I can buy the monkey weilding a sword, hell I'll even buy the fact that he is so humanoid that he acts like he should be in DBZ Cave Drawings, given the era, but what I refuse to comprehend is that a huge 800 pound beast has a Rapier class sword which would weight about the same as his right hand and the fact that the scabbard was huge, roughly 4 times the appropriate width, had my hopes up with it too; Thought 'Maybe monkey has a buster sword' then as I saw him reach for it my hopes rose... then came a two inch blade.

All in all I liked it, And its hard to be a critic to animation because you obviouslly put effort into this and to bad mouth this type of work when there are a lot of half assed animations floating around newgroudns would be stupid and partially hypocritical since I can't draw and wish I could, can only draw weaponry ;)

This is my first review so hopefully i'm fair. Interactivity: 1 because we get to push the play button =D

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Dec 29, 2005
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