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SW Kotor 2 Romances

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Author Comments

It's come to my attention that some people haven't seen the remake. If you like this movie, you'll love the remake even more. Don't make me make you watch it by force. }=D

Those of you who have played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 will know what I'm on about. Picking a male main character left you with some very poor choices of girls to score with. I've vented out my anger with this short movie. Oh, and don't write me off because I didn't use tweening. It's supposed to look goofy. So please vote conservatively towards this movie. It's funny, truly. =D


LOL. got a good laugh out of this. i find the miraluka quite more suited to my tastes though. hehehehe.

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eat-at-joes-guy responds:

No doubt the eye holes could have some use, though I wouldn't know what. Thanks for the review. ;D


I was looking through tons of old videos and I'm like hey lets look up Kotor and I found this. Really nice man. In Kotor 2 which characters have the ability to become lightsabre wielders?

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eat-at-joes-guy responds:

Thanks for the review. Well all characters can be trained as jedi, excluding droids and Mandalore. Aside from those four characters, anyone can become a jedi.


u have 2 be light side to get mira,the only girl on there that looks decent or doesnt try to kick ur @$$ lol. great job dude.

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eat-at-joes-guy responds:

Thanks. Though unfortunately, you never actually "get" Mira. It's all "you're too old for me blah blah blah."


Really amusing. KOTOR II really tried to cram in too much shit to live up to its predecessors name. So it sucked. Bastila > Visas + Handmaiden + Kreia

Well the "happy together" song fitted in nicely haha. Nice spoof. I know how you feel. KOTOR II was really disappointing in its romance options. One of the few KOTOR-based parodies around. Nice job.

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eat-at-joes-guy responds:

Lol I agree with you 110% but then, I made this point already with my flash in the first place, so I need not mention it again. Thanks for the review, and if you liked that, you'll like the Special Edition which looks much better, with some easter eggs crammed in for fun. ;D

So true!

Hahahahhah Rofl this was brilliant
It's so true as well,
and thats what I really liked about this video!

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eat-at-joes-guy responds:

The truth always makes good animations. Thanks for the review. ;D

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Credits & Info

4.42 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2005
12:03 PM EST
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