Ortus(part III)

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UPDATE- I have finally added the subtitle to this version as well....

At this moment I'm not sure if part III will make it through judgement or not, but please see part I and II, before III to understand the story a little more.

To the people who have not seen Ortus yet, this is my first flash that I did. It's all supposed to be together, but the filesize was so big that I had to split it up into 3 parts. This has a preloader(thank you for the people that told me about this).

I was wondering if people are interested enough for me to officially create something more with this character and style(I guess this is kind of like my pilot). I would like to continue this story, if people are interested enough in me continuing it. Please E-mail me, or if I make it through judgement, tell in your review.

thank you <:D


nice story

i actually get it! i think that you should continue with the art style. you use it very well. you've already made three awesome flashes. i say, keep it up.

bica1 responds:

Thank you! I am currently working in the continuation of Ortus, and trying to learn to fix my mistakes. I'm hoping I will figure it out <:D


i finely gat it!!!!!!!!!!
i thoght i wold never figerd it out!!!

bica1 responds:

lol, that's good!

I tend to try to bring some mystery on what's going on, before really beginning on the "this is what happened" events. I think it is fun this way <:D

Thank you for the score!


the graphics weren't great. plus it was anime....
the stlye wasn't amazing either. All I thought of it was a bunch of different pictures put one after another with some person faintly talking in the background. Half the time I couldnt hear/see what was going on, and most of the time the pictures looked rushed, and sloppy. you do have potential for a great movie, so keep trying.

bica1 responds:

Thanks for the constructive criticism. Hmmm...I can't figure the audi well, it makes me think about putting subtitles for future project. We'll see.....

Thank you for your input.

One of the BEST new series on newgrounds

This series is features some of the best art, animation, and overall style of everything on newgrounds. Keep an eye of this artist, I have a feeling she's going places... :)

bica1 responds:

Thank you!!!! <:D

i liked style of animation

it looked REALLY good,i als didnt notice that much choppyness

bica1 responds:

thank you very much <:D

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3.75 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2005
9:22 AM EST
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