The Ma$sAcre 2: Revenge

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Edit: There is a slight problem with the text on the menu buttons. Please ignore and enjoy the rest.

It's taken me a damn long time to put this collab together. Iv'e had trouble with the file size of this collab, so I had too remove a few scenes and items, as well as optimise a few parts.
there is a number of 10 collab participants, which i'd like to thank for producing such great parts! I couldn't animate myself for this sequel, but be sure to see some of my work in the next...

for more informaton about this collab and future projects, please check www.chrome-arrow.com, the main site will be released on new years!

thanks everyone BR-



That was pretty sweet. Please e-mail me and tell me what program you used for the 3-d objects!!

Better then the first

Samus, why do you still do sticks?Is it like a calling or some strange obsession?I just think you're wasting yourself is all.

The musical score is MUCH better on this submission.It's not all just sticks either.There's real drawing here.The sticks for the most part are wonderfully animated and all but why not push yourselves and do something more involved?

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That was sick!

Awesome work guys, that just has to be better than the previous one. Everything about this one was better, and thats actually quite difficult to do considering how good the last one was too, plus this is basically naturally better just because its the sequel to a great collab. Excellent collaborations arent coming around as much as they did not too long ago, and its always nice to see in a time where there arent too many good collabs, one that stands out above the rest. Everything stood out really, nothing about this was bad at all, here is my review.

The graphics deserve nothing short of a perfect 10. They were so cool overall and just everything to do with them was done very well. The drawings to start off were nicely varied with each different author, i loved seeing all the unique animating styles. The detail was always very good, even if they were simple stick characters you guys managed to have some good detail in other things such as backgrounds or environments. The colours were always pretty good too, they usually complemented the characters and some objects well. The animation is where all of you earned tons of points, in each clip it was incredibly smooth, and the movements were extremely detailed. They were all visually stunning, but i think the best ones visually were Silent Killah, Jazza, and Toughluck. The style was also brilliant. I could not be more impressed with the outcome of this collab because absolutely everything looked so good including the menu, and everything came together so nicely, the whole style to it is beyond cool by collab, or any movie's standards. The multiple animating styles are essential in a collab, and this had a lot of them, each animation from an author had a totally different style in fact. The idea of making a collab based around killing doesnt sound too original but you wont find many like that anywhere you look! The presentation was spectacular, nearly no flaws here what so ever. All clips were superb, but there always has to be a best and here they were Samus, Psyche, and Toughluck. The sound was awesome for the most part. The song by itself was quite good, but early on in the collab it seemed out of place by being a bit too quick paced for some parts of some clips. But at other times, like in the last scene, it fit the collab just perfectly. The added sound effects, like gunshots, some voices, added a lot to the collab, on many all youd find is one song for the sound. There was a bit of humour in this during Samus clip!

Overall this was an awesome movie that i can see earning a solid top 50 spot and holding it for quite some time. I wouldnt be surprised to see another Massacre collab after this ones success. This is going into my favourites, for all the reasons i have said in my review. I hope you guys can keep with this collab series, and also submit some of your own full length movies when you have the time. Anyways fantastic job!
-Standing Ovation! 5/5


...I could watch meaningless violence all day. Some better then others, but overall very enjoyable. Hell of a lot better then the last few collabs i've seen. Good job!


man awesome and it looks like you'll be on the 50 top rated ever!!! good job dude:)

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4.06 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2005
9:09 AM EST
  • Frontpaged December 30, 2005
  • Daily Feature December 30, 2005
  • Weekly 3rd Place January 4, 2006