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Cool, thanks for the frontpage !

The Art of Fighting: Naruto Special

It follows the concept of the first tAoF, but this time it's only with Naruto characters.
And, watch the mishap after seeing the whole movie though.
Really nothing else to say.

enjoy the movie !


that was a cool sprite movie

i enjoyed that the fighting was awesome, keep up the good work!

Hot Movie

Animating with sprites as good as you did is no easy task. People need to understand that. I see you put alot of work into this. The animation syncs with the music beautifully. The extra stuff in the menu was also very cool. This is the BEST Naruto flash I seen on..Anywhere. Keep doing what you do man cuz that was hot.

Sorry man...

Yeah, sorry man but this was poor. Not the animation, that looked alright. But its the artwork, real animators don't use pixles or sprites for one golden reason : "YOU DIDN'T MAKE THEM"...
The art isn't your work, there is no skill in getting sum pictures and moving them around the screen. And for then and pretty much that alone im only giving this a 2/5...

Arkuni responds:

"But its the artwork, real animators don't use pixles or sprites for one golden reason : "YOU DIDN'T MAKE THEM"..."

Did you know that animators never/rarely model they own charaters today?

Some of the fights were just backwards.

I think you spent to much time on sasuke's fight with the sound ninja. Seriously, it was the longest fight sequence out of them all, and the sound ninja guy was a piss ant that gets beaten pretty easily. Rock Lee and Gara's fight should of gone much longer than it did, but it was ok. But Naruto's and Orchimaru's fight was waaay to short! There's no way that Naruto could beat Orchimaru, let alone beat him so quickly. His kage no jutsu just isn't that special when dealing with someone like Orchimaru. Plus, Naruto summoning Gamabunto to finish off Orchimaru was pretty lame.
I'll admit that it was pretty well directed, for a sprite movie at any rate. But I just think that the first fight taking the longest and the last fight taking the least time was a bad mistake.

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Arkuni responds:

Get a stopwatch.

Sasuke VS Zaku was the shortest of them.

And Rock Lee VS Gaara was nerly 3 minutes >_<

Try next time to be more... accurate with your review.

pretty good

it just didin't make any damn sense

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Dec 29, 2005
7:04 AM EST