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Cool, thanks for the frontpage !

The Art of Fighting: Naruto Special

It follows the concept of the first tAoF, but this time it's only with Naruto characters.
And, watch the mishap after seeing the whole movie though.
Really nothing else to say.

enjoy the movie !


I have to like it... i mean its naruto

only probs are that how did Naruto beat Orichimaru that easily he can make people fall by just looking at them and how did kage bushins which are each part of the original users strength have enough power or skill to even touch him.

but apart from dat it was very gd featured most of their skills too good job man

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couldve been alot better

sprites moved way to fast.. and i dont mean fast like holy crap thats awesome fast. i mean like..cheesy stupid looks like a vcr is on fast forward fast.

open up the fighting field a bit. tweek the sprites to create new moves and add a bit more to the fighting rather then just block teleport counter.

nice try anyway man.

Sprite ass kicking FUN!!!!

That must took lots of work! I realy enjoyed it. the mishap was funny with Homer Simpson quote "D'OH!"


well i liked it very much .
the right music(from naruto) but as a narutofan i must complain about thatnaruto didn't knew rasengan when he was fighting against orochimaru and also couldn't summen bunta and he surely wouldn't win at that time.

Sorry about the whyning and i have to say i liked it very much.


I can't believe you made this! It's SOOOO GOOD!!! All the right music at the right time, right techniques (Sharigan all the way!), And fighting styles! It's like what the characters on TV would have actually done, lol. Double Thumbs Up!

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Dec 29, 2005
7:04 AM EST