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Cool, thanks for the frontpage !

The Art of Fighting: Naruto Special

It follows the concept of the first tAoF, but this time it's only with Naruto characters.
And, watch the mishap after seeing the whole movie though.
Really nothing else to say.

enjoy the movie !


Too bad this is on Toonami. :P

Well anyways... I liked it. You kept the characters in "character", and even made it more original and more fast paced than the actual cartoon. The only problem I have with it, is the music background. Some OSTs have been cut off too soon, or didnt fit in with the situation. Other than that, It's awesome. Hope you make another battle-battle situation, like... Neji vs Shikamaru. :P

ps. this cartoon is the reason why you guys watch the japanese version, than the english version.

Holy hell is so good dammit!

OMFG! that flash movie was so cool dude! and it had some info too :P sweet!

Very Nice

Being a naruto fan myself i enjoyed this very much. one of the best sprite flash's i have every seen. i expect you to do more. keep up the good work.


First of all, let me say that Naruto is completely badass, and it's much better in japanese then in english, there, i said it, get over it. Second of all, that was an amazing sprite flash, probably the best one I've ever seen. Third of all the fight coordinations were very cool, and somewhat true to the show. You did a great job, i expect more. I gave the humor a 7 for the mishap, that was good.

wish the actual show was that fast-paced!

Good job - that was very well done.

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Dec 29, 2005
7:04 AM EST