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Cool, thanks for the frontpage !

The Art of Fighting: Naruto Special

It follows the concept of the first tAoF, but this time it's only with Naruto characters.
And, watch the mishap after seeing the whole movie though.
Really nothing else to say.

enjoy the movie !



Hehe, great work. I have a couple nitpicks (but don't let that get in the way of the fact that this was an AMAZING video, just contructive crit)
It was a little wierd when the screen went black and the music changed during Sasuke's fight, dunno if that was necessary for the scene change or what, but I got over it.
I would have loved to see Sakura fight (pretty much my favorite character, second is...)
Rock Lee!!! I know... you were keeping to the story with Rock Lee's fight, and in reality Garaa would win, but I still hate reliving the fact that Lee actually lost. ;_;

So, great work, SUPURB work, and I eagerly hope to see more such video's in the future ^_^

Hell yeah...

Very good sprite animation. I enjoyed the move descriptions as well. I am a Naruto fan, so this was a nice movie about some of the heroes and villans of the manga/anime. Keep up the good work.

Nice work

Nice sprite rips. The background music was choppy at times but the animation was great. Keep up the awesome work.


1 word Awsome..im a huge naruto fan and this is grade A+ material :D i really like it alot man Great job

Keep it up and i hope to see more of this kind of work

Greets and salutations :Tsudokai

effin' cool!

Swwtifying awesomeness i like the sprites and music! Kepp up the good work.

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Dec 29, 2005
7:04 AM EST