The Lilium Collaboration

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After much hard work, our artists finally bring you the Lilium collaboration. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Apple Lock for voice acting for Clock Lock's part.


Rating Correctly

I have no idea what the first 2 were about, no absolute idea... Anyway, at least try to make something cool when making a collab :P, I mean, just make some 15 seconds of decent animation. . . It won't hurt anyone. Don't get pissed off by the newgrounders who get in love with animations like Lilium, like Mr. Forrest Gump would say 'Shit Happens'.
Just...try next time.

ClockLock responds:

Well thanks for that note. =D And yes, I realize most Newgrounders are pretty short-sighted, so I made my part to see what would come of it. =3


This is singly one of the greatest things that has hit newgrounds.


ClockLock responds:

S'up. =D

A fine collab, to be sure...

But out of curiousity, what prompted this? I haven't seen any Lillium stuff in a loooong time. And for the record, I enjoyed CL's original parody immensly.

ClockLock responds:

Well, since you're curious, I'll explain. I think it occurred when I was going through my reviews, and said "Enough is enough", so I began a flash. Aubergine, the genius he is, suggested a collab. And poof. =D Thank you for your kind review.

locks... get a life...

What is this? Another garbage file from the lock crew? Ok guys, give it a rest already... You will never be on the same level as the clock crew...

ClockLock responds:

It's called the Lock Legion. We don't run Newgrounds. =D Besides, I myself enjoy being an underdog.

LOL awesome!

Funny as hell! nice work!

ClockLock responds:

<3 Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

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3.18 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2005
10:26 PM EST
Comedy - Parody