Psyche Ninjorb

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*Please vote and review..... and also I'll respond to all reviews*

Thanks to Tom and the voters for the Daily 2nd and the ninjas and samurai addition!

This is a music video that marks the premier of Psyche, my psychotic ninja. it was originally supposed to have a plot, but since I synched it to the song, it didn't turn out like that, and the end doesnt make much sense, but you can enjoy it anyways, right?


good job but no flash 8?

well you said u didnt have flash 8 so how did u make hu hu huh? lol good job and seriously what program

Jenjamik responds:

Thanx:) Anyways I used flash mx 2004, but to blur the images, instead of an easy breezy flash 8 blur filter i had to use photoshop and import large file size jpg's. Thanks for the curiosity:D

A big step from your previous flash works

You have done a really big impressive job here. The movements of the characters and ninja speed is so well done. The characters are weird but really cool. The music adds a nice touch to it too. Pimpin this is just a really big step from your previous flash and prooves all the cool stuff you can do on flash. Certainly keep doing the excellent job.

Jenjamik responds:

Thanks, there was a lot of effort in this one:D


while Texas Faggot does do a large portion of the audio, it's a remix of the song...sounds like it was ripped from Rockman Neo...by AWD...but none the less the audio is at least credited...

original idea...however the piece as a whole did not fit...The music was not synced well with the animation...while the animation was done just fine the whole thing seemed off key...


Jenjamik responds:

Fair enough, thanks anyways for the review


you should have told us that it was THAT graphic intensive (I forgot to set the flash to low quality : /) I loved ninjorb he seems like a pretty original charecter.

Jenjamik responds:

Thanks a lot, i put a lot of work into this! :)


im protecting this one, its good
nice animations. love the violence...it helped cause it was ninja's lol
a lil weird but that never hurt anyone

Jenjamik responds:

Thanks, yea this ninja is a very different kind of ninja:D

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3.79 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2005
5:47 PM EST
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