The Nonsense Game 2

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I would really like to give a huge part of the credit of this game to my friend Bean who made the music.
After getting lots of lovely comments (and a few hatful ones) from people I decided it was about high time I made another Nonsense Game.
It’s really straight forward, even a monkey could play it.


I purposly got 0 right..

...and it still said "You well deserve a dancing monkey." Thats a little stupid.

AdamJack responds:

You deserved the monkey by completing the game not by getting loads of points

I gave you random numbers ok

Hey can we talk on aim. MY aim is microshocky so im me there. or tell me yours. Nice game by the way

AdamJack responds:

Ummm no thanks. Thanks for playing the game though.

pretty good

I liked it, it was good
though it odd at point
i liked the random questions though
good job!
cheers, harukirby

AdamJack responds:

It's all gooood, thanks.

Never knew something so stupid could be so funny.

Make a sequel! That was great, although I would have loved if it was longer.

AdamJack responds:

A sequel? Are you kidding? I've just finished making the second one. I'm going to give the games a rest for a while then I'm going start making movies when I've got the energy.


Haha! hilarious :) Great work!

good song, too! It seems to fit really well with the pace of the game. I want more dancing monkeys, and perhaps, an astronaut.

AdamJack responds:

Cool-o thanks. I dont know why you say an astronaut but ok, I like your style.

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4.07 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2005
6:39 PM EST
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