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The Ring: NG Collab '05

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Author Comments

- *Needs Flash 8* -
- *Some scenes are XTREMELY graphics-intensive, so you might change your Quality to Medium or Low* -

I still can believe I finished it before New Year !
It has almost 10.000 frames, so it's pretty long ;)
It is a ultimate NewGround Collab, based on best CSC Serie, "The Ring", created by Juan Magic and me(this special episode is done by me).
Wow it has been such a great year, I arrived here at March, wow, it passed 10 months so far...
I am sorry but I just couldn't fit all the best Music submited in this year, filesize will be just too big.

Intro - Me
1) BOUNC3 - Paradise On E (Trance)
2) DJ Run Away - Together (Dance)
3) Evil Dog - Changes (Punk)

Enjoy !


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good music

this was actually pretty nice i think :) you have good tastes in music.

Wow, so you you just made sound loops, clever...

Kinda similar what the Star Syndicate does, they get away with it ever since they were formed but at least this ha some effort put into it, but still crap.

NinoGrounds responds:

I dind't.

Not bad

The music is great in this flash but it is simplistic in how it looks. So if the girl would chage up what she did it would make this flash really shine. Other than that great job.


give the man some credit, it took him a while to make. its not that pointles its quite fun. loved the music, but plz make others better lol :)~_~_~tezza~_~_~

NinoGrounds responds:



:/ this wasnt that good and seriously pointless.....