Voorhees in Hyrule

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This is my first sprite video. Just want to know what everyone thinks about it. Please leave a review.
(Looking back on this video I'm amazed it even passed through the portal. . .what the hells wrong with these people,lol)



dude loved it when he cried >_< made me laugh my ass off lol

u can't do that

u can't make Jason Voorhees cry, or say i just wanna play, or talk at all. Jason doesn't do that kinda thing dude. it's just not right. he is a silent person when it comes to talking, and the only sound he makes is walking, running, and his blade cutting through people. or some other type of weapon. 9 for sound cuz i liked the song, but this was dumb, dont' ever do that to someone like Jason again.

Shogun-of-the-dark responds:

Dont get me wrong, I fuckin love Friday the 13th and I know Jason doesnt talk but to be honest you are the only person that has complained about that. In fact I have a couple people that think its funny as hell. Thanks for watching though and thanks for the input.


dude...this is just awesome XD You need to use my idea I gave you last night over the net..>.> or atleast modify it..xD also, I showed this to my friend I hung out with today and she laughed her ass off XDD

Shogun-of-the-dark responds:

y thank u. Im glad u and ur friend enjoyed it. And Ill use ur idea VERY soon, just gotta get my other vid finished. Thanks for watching.


DUDE!!! this was one of the funniest flashes i have seen in a WHILE im STILL laughing!!!! i hope we see more like this!!!

Shogun-of-the-dark responds:

Thanks, ur the shit. Hope to see some flash vids by someone with the same kind of sense of humor as myself. Thanks for watching.

its was ok

quite good apriting but short and not much of a plot.
hmmm shogun of the dark im pretty sure thats from ninja scrolls.
never mind

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Shogun-of-the-dark responds:

Thanks, this was just a test to see if my spriting was good eneough to survive the portal, the vid was done in about an hour or so. Im going to redo the vid and make it longer and funnier. And yes the name is from Ninja Scroll. Thanks for watching.

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2.08 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2005
9:34 PM EST
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