Madness Mini

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Wow. 100,000 views in a year and a half on Newgrounds. Thanks to everyone!

Enjoy Part One Of The Series!


you know the deal...

unoriginal unoriginal unoriginal. Not more to say. The flash quality was excellent, the music was excellent but it really doesn't matter you need to get your own idea or try and do something else with krinkle's work...i don't think that's possible other than a REALLY well done parody...which wouldn't be that original either...so nuff said. keep up the good work.

Shrinkz responds:

Tankz, I actually DO have another series in mind, it's just not in flash at the moment.


funi...good violence, i like dey characters

Shrinkz responds:



Pretty decent Madness rip-off. I didn't like the fact that the sheriff's gun doesnt make any noise when he shoots the hero...

Shrinkz responds:

It sucks ass, I stuck "stopallsounds" Right when he shoots, so there's no feedback. I'm working on it, though


Ummmm......They have something called feet....Derrrr!

Shrinkz responds:

yeh, well...when I started, I sucked at doing their feet, and as I got good, I didn't want to just stick them in the middle of the movie or something...so...next update!

Good tribute!

This was a well-executed "Madness" style flash, and is at least as good as many of the entries on the "Madness" homepage. While the action was occasionally slow and a few scenes weren't cleeanly pulled off, this animation is a winner overall!

Shrinkz responds:

sloooooow animation? gotta fix that.
I'll also make sure to add more frames to the scenes that are choppy. I do have an idea which scenes you're talking about, and they should be fixed by my next update.
Tankz For the input! I appreciate it!

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3.94 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2005
9:08 PM EST