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Dec 26, 2005 | 8:43 PM EST

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This movie talks about why people should not leave unhelpful reviews.

Alot of the idiots that do that did not seem to be happy that I was saying they should stop, so they reviewed this abusively.

Lets get them banned, ok?

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

My biggest review yet?

Well in this case, i´ll take both side if this matter

What i agree :
Yes there are a lot of crappy reviews that don´t offer anything at all than just mostly "You suck", "This movie sucks dick" or "You are just a fag".
And there are worser kind of them to like, "ASFADGFADHS" and even worser with things like "..." with nothing on it, FREE POINTS??
And i agree that people can´t accept crappy animatings or flash games, such as pong in a worser version or a 15 second long flash about... errghh!! Vaginas???
And i agree that faggy people can´t judge of what they THINK is crap beacuse they have never ever animated or EVEN painted anything as good as everyone doing mostly on newgrounds...
Pros and amateurs alike, they do their best to become a famous flash animator or a Game flash animator...
i have never produced any flash myself, but i am fair (SOMETIMES) when it comes to somewhere around "CRAP" and "BAD"
But as i was before, i was banned in 5 or 6 months beacuse i wrote horrible reviews... and i changed that mind and become of what newground user i am today...

But you got a lot of things i disagree :
I know it´s not fair to vote low just to get "FREE" Blam points but you can´t vote high just to get "FREE" Save points either, it´s their decision (Spell error) to make whatever kind of review they want to or their point/score to give the flash, BY THEMSELVES, you can´t ASK for FREE points to get higher rating of your flash animating by doing something that possibly "Amateur flash users" can do and talk against them and scream "Go and fuck yourself" beacuse you had used an idea that some writes in their reviews "I could do it to if i had flash" they are confidence of that, but they only say those words to only possibly piss you off or even worser, to give a respond with words like "Fuck you" or "Get of newgrounds, you don´t belong here".

For this flash animating, i gave everything a zero except the Overall wich i gave an eight beacuse of this :

A plot and a reminder of what newgrounds have bacome...

and so far, i think this is my biggest review on newgrounds this far..

I take neither sides...
You´re both wrong no matter how hard you tries, OR i can´t say that RIGHT and WRONG Doesn´t actually exist, beacuse the reiwer can´t just give a low score beacuse everyone else is doing so, and the Author can´t just tell people to FUCK OFF?! beacuse ha can do something wich others CANNOT?!?!?!?!?!

Oh Yeah one more things...
On the instructions you wrote for the movie, you took people that "Might" have reviewed horrible on newgrounds...
well those you have choosen are just one part of like ... 5000 other who have reviewed very unfairly or very harsch language as "Fuck off and die"

So what i think very shortly :

Yes it is wrong to review UNFAIRLY beacuse they have never touched a flash tool...

it is wrong to judge other people to change their opinion and thinks to get bigger score beacuse you´re right?

Judge me if you want, your opinion about my review counts to if you forgot :)

PhoenixLL / No the Double L does not stand for Lock Legion... i used the LL before i knew the Lock legion existed...

Happy Days for those who managed to read all this by eyes >:)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

That is true

Thanks for making a good point to other noobs... I may not have submitted flash here, but at least I fucking have messed with it and know how hard or easy things are it does seem like a pain in ass, however since they are trying to get high in the rankings I just get more whistle points I think this is your most appropriatly named movie, mostly becuase some of yours I never have a freaking clue why there named that, but again you have talent!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well said

I get bad reviews for most my movies and yet they themself havnt submited any movies, fcking tossers

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


...? But this brings me to ask the question you dont care when you piss people off , but you dont like unhelpful reviews?

- if your intention was to piss people off with that submission for some reason why make this movie? , you piss people off you get unhelpful reviews

-In your review replys you say "we dont give a damn about your opinion" , if you dont care about peoples opinions then why do you want helpful reviews?

- It doesent matter if anyone has flash or not , when it comes to a movie being on the frontpage you always play the "overRated card" by saying the person is either overRated because they have too many portal awards

- You spam the portal with shit and it passes! , this is why average newgrounders seem to get pissed.

TruffleClock responds:

1. unhelpful reviews are against the rules, if i piss someone off, i dont care they can fuck off. im not breaking any rules

2. If i piss people off they are still not allowed to leave abusive reviews, have you never read the rules?

3. becuase those people are idiots and i dont care if there are helpful reviews as long as they are not abusive

4. i didn't mention anything about that in this movie are you deaf, if you're talkign about foamy, he is overrated becuase he does not deserve any of his awards (one frame and audio does not take much time to make)

5. i already said i dont care if they get pissed, they can get hit by a moving train for all i care


Rated 3 / 5 stars

You make a very good point.

Right off the bat, I'd like to say that I've never used Flash, much less submitted anything to NewGrounds (as anyone can see by checking my profile). Also, I agree with you that there's way too much unhelpful reviewing going on on Newgrounds.

All that being said, I still say that non-flash artists can offer a helpful review to a flash. The visual composition (Just from a design standpoint, I mean), or the plot are examples of things that even somebody without any flash experience can comment on.

Anyway, you're absolutaly right. Too many folks who have no submissions say crap like "Try harder" or "This is crap" or, my personal favorite, "Go kill yourself."

Good message. It needed to be said, and everybody should hear it at least once before they get to write a review.

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