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Dec 26, 2005 | 8:43 PM EST

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This movie talks about why people should not leave unhelpful reviews.

Alot of the idiots that do that did not seem to be happy that I was saying they should stop, so they reviewed this abusively.

Lets get them banned, ok?

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's an okay movie!

This was a nice movie. Even though I have submitted one flash, that doesn't necessarily mean that I absolutely can't write a negative review. I may only be comparing it to a decent submission or a submission with a score of 2.8-3.1.

Also, anyone who is giving this movie a bad score is not reviewing right. They are not reviewing the flash itself. Probably 2% of people do that.

People usually never give an accurate grade on how the submission was. Now I am grading this on how well it was, but just to respond to that PSA, I agree. Somewhat. People may leave SHIT reviews, that are not helpful like:

OMG UR SUCKAZ!!!!111 GO AWAI!!!1111111

Those people are the n00bs. They aren't even comparing the flash to anything better. They are basically imagining a flash, and trying to grade it like that.

There are people who are reviewing this flash based on their reply.
that's a pretty stupid way to review, considering the PM system. I am reviewing this flash on how well it is, and so forth.
People might not be able to write a good review, but there are threads on the BBS where you can report a review, and BLAM! It's gone! Simple as that!

So now for the real, helpful review:

Graphics: -6-
I liked the introduction, and the details and stuff. Very nice graphics! And compared to a lot of stuff out there, and my flash, this was really nice! Lightning effects were nice!

Style: -4-
I'm not particularly a big fan of clock movies, but the clocks are a basis of NG. They made some of the movies that are in the "blow whistle on stolen flash" feature!

And this flash really speaks to NG. It is a nice PSA! Good work!

Sound: -3-
I just hate that gosh-darn speakonia! Tones are messed up, no emotion. Makes you look cheap and rushy. But I liked the sound in the into though. But speakonia ruined it. You could have at least chosen another voice.

No violence.

No interactivity.

No humor.

Overall: -6-

Good work, Nice PSA, well done! Good Graphics, Not the best sound, very boring, so yup. Adds to a 6!


Rated 1 / 5 stars

I dis-agree

Newgrounds is for the public - its not just for people who make flash movies. A film critic has the right to write crappy reviews for movies even if they couldn't direct a better one, therefore anyone on this site who wants to trash a movie can, even if they are not a flash maker.

I am a flash maker, and I don't have a problem with people 0-ing my stuff if they honestly think its bad even if they don't make flash.

Are you saying that people who don't make flash don't have the right to review, or that they should only write positive reviews?

If people think its good, you get good reviews. If people think its bad, they trash it and have the right to.

Only exceptions are those who just go around watching the first five seconds and then voting 5 or zero based on that to get lots and lots of points. Those people I do have a problem with. But if people watch the whole thing to the end, and honestly think its bad, and vote 0 - thats fair, wether there flash makers or not.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

RESPOND PLS. I kinda agree and kinda dont :P


hiya, first off i must say that i kinda agree with your main point. There are so many STUPID reviews out there! and i know cuz i got a few submittions ;) (not on this account)

but! i think 1 of the things you said are not true, i think a man that never made a flash movie actually CAN help you, i dont think reviews are about to tell you how to do everything, they are also about telling u wuts wrong.

like saying "Make more violence" that isnt really helpfull.. no not really :P BUT atleast you know that someone out there likes violence so you know that in your next flash you should maybe consider having more violenece. if you know wut i mean :P

but i TOTALLY agree with EVERYTHING else!

and here are a few tips for episode 2!

- please dont use speakonia, get voice actors or sumthing from the "Voice actors club" or wutever its called! and you can always get sum from the BBS.. i think :P! and if you still want to use speakonia maybe you should add subtitles at the buttom. maybe :P im not saying you have to..

- Make everyone understand more rules, cuz the way i see it.. this is REALLY helpfull for assholes :D! but you only said how to make reviews helpfull.. i think :P anyways show everyone sum more rules please.... im not saying you have to..

I think everything else is really great and helpfull :D

I know im "a part of the problem" and you'll probably not consider this review helpfull but i dont really care. i made this review to help you with the next episode! (if you'll make 1)

You'll probably show everyone how wrong i am and how write you are, but before you do.. im just gonna ask you to go easy on me lol.. im just a dumb 13 years old kid, Dont expect me to be as "smart" as you are. once again, im not saying you have to..

Well thats it, and good luck showing the assholes how dumb they really are :D

P.S. You might also say "omg omg you just showed everyone your a moron LOLZERXS" but i dont care :/ just trying to help you.. you know :P

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

i thought it was pretty good

yo mushroom pm me i wanna tell u something


Rated 5 / 5 stars

hmmmmm interesting

maybe you should respond to some reviews saying..

"That review sucked, Try Harder"

cause they can't criticize you for not being a good reviewer, now can they...ingrateful bastards...the whole lot of em...

keep up the good work...
and by all means, try harder