Sonic RPG eps 3

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-Here is the 3rd episode of the sequel Sonic RPG. The ppl who wanted to watch the power of Seelkadoom will enjoy this movie. The other ones will also enjoy this one(VOTE 5), except the guys who saw the other episodes and didnt like them(for those ppl, just dont see this movie, and dont vote 0)...
Just one more thing, Why some ppl keep giving me "0" on interactivity, when I make my movies with menus full of interactivity and Battles in RPG style?! I already have seen movies with only the PLAY botton which ppl give it a "10" on interactivity...I dont understand that...
NOTES:- Flash player 8 required
- To forward troungh the text press ENTER
Enjoy this movie ppl


lol sonicvoltstrike199 your funny

Very good Flash/Game...

I enjoyed this game and you can make it better with a few tweaks... and an upgrade to the battle system. I have some advice that you can use for your game. First, make more options when battling like two diffrent attacks and maybe some new skills, magic, and some super sonic moves too. Maybe some monster interactions, a walk around mode, in-game cutscenes when at a certain part of your exploring? Just saying if you add all this then your game/flash will kick ass!!! Still good Flash/Game.

MidNightMaren responds:

Im learning how to make a better battle system...And I think Im gonna make an exploration game... But only in episode 5 cause episode 4 is already finished, but im still w8int voices...

Not to fun...

It's good, but why does Sonic only haves 1 attack?

so I love this episode. heck i've played through the hole series and I love it

Kinda seems like a drawn FFSX...

This is like Final Fantasy Sonic X, but drawn. So, dunno if you stole the idea, or... anyway, it's still very great. Graphics are great, sound is great, interactivity... duh. Make the next one soon, a'right? Any idea when it's coming out?

MidNightMaren responds:

Other guy telling me that...LOOK I DIDNT COPY THAT SERIES!!! tnks though

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4.21 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2005
5:56 PM EST