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This ain't a normal snake clone. For some its a snake, for others its a fish. It can move in every direction. And the player can choose the speed with UP & DOWN Arrows. Cange direction with LEFT & RIGHT

EDIT: I changed the background. It looks much better now.




I really like the way the Octopus/Fish/Snake-thingy looks like!
Could use some sounds and music though!
But a good game...

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Good, but needs work.

This game could be fun, but the controls were quite hard for me, and turning was very awkward.

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Cool 3d Game

One thing that bugged me after I played the game for 3 minutes was that it was the time went too fast to get the circle things. You would die no madder good you were. The 3d geaphics gave a good look to the game. Hope to see more of you soon.

Komix responds:

That's no bug. You die, no mater what you do. The point is to get as many crumbs as possible to live a little longer. ;)

I am quite busy at the moment, so I don't have time for that stuff now. So, I cant make any new games now. But I ll try to put some of my old stuff online here. But not everything I made is that good.


cool effects

that was the best special effect based on a worm grow thing. to bad theres no sound. at some point it made it 3D. do another one with a cool backround and what you used in the flash program to do that?


umm, were you on drugs? even when i got used to how to controll the fish with socks glued to its tail (not a snake) it was still a trippy and bad game. if you are going to name a game snake, make sure theres a snake in it.

Komix responds:

Sure, I am always on drugs. But now, that I am not, I ll call it Fatfish with socks glued to its tail (not a snake)

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3.70 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2005
8:36 AM EST
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