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Pingu - Flashversion

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Author Comments

Oh god...
This was my first serious submission. At the time i thought there was no way i was getting anything through the portal. It's not very good, the 2.3 score is rather undeserved, but i still like it because it reminds me of the good old days :) I learned a lot doing this.


Seriously,allemansing, don't think too lowly of yourself. This is the most awesome pingu flash I have ever seen on the internet. The sound, the quality, the small filesize, the 5 minute length like the real pingu episodes and the best thing is that it is not really based off the closest episode I can find like this(#79:Pingu builds a Snowman). The sad part is, my friends all say this is crap. I don't blame them, since the average maturity for a kid in my primary school is 2.6 times more mature than the average primary. Which means they are watching M-rated videos now. I don't.Anyways, it is a lovely video and I hope to see more quality Pingu episodes from you. Cheers! :)

it was funny the voice but the video is awsome i liked pingu very much.plus in some videos,pingu says knock knock.he doesnt exaxtly say that but it sounds like that.this seems almost like the other pingu videos.

I Love Pingu!

That was awesome! I watch his shows still.

haha i agree

yeah it is kinda boring, though i dont agree with the last little bitch who was pissed off about you slating his movie.

although i voted it a 5 to raise its score, cause it sounds like you want it blammed and i wanna delay your intentions.

Crack Whore, crack House

I quote your review of my pingu:
you did the theme wrong. dumbass. ive got a pinguflash coming up soon on NG in a week or two and its going to be much better than this one (i think)

You think? Yeah Mate, well you thought wrong. I tell thee now, I've never contemplated electronically violating my monitor, but i've never come closer when watching that. At least the original pingu had substance. Your story: Pingu builds a snowman, and uses bits of wood for aesthetics. At least my story was an Epic of massive proportions: I mean come on, Nazi Penguins doing the Sig Heil thing, Crazy Horse Pie, A Bazooka, a dead bleeding polar bear, engaging dialogue...The list goes on.
I do believe eventually Penguins will become a dying brreed. And it is sad to know that Old Pingu will die with them. But your Pingu makes the whole prospect sound...hmmm almost satisfying.
Another point. The music. Since when did the BBC ever decide they wanted Icelandic ponces to feature in the course? I tell Thee. Never. Just because they sang about penguins, it doesnt constitute Pingu Authenticity >>>!!!!!DUMBASS!!!<<<< Unless this comes from new age Electronica Pingu, to which I say you're a bigger "dumbass" for watching it, and you're a treatcherous wench for imitating that version.
Also I don't recall Pingu having electric Feet. I'm pretty sure those big orange things are insulators, so i don't understand the whole prospect of this "electronic discharge".
Well anyway, well done on downloading the Pingu themetume. That took skill.
Oh, and you spent Christmas on flash? Wait. Christmas? On this? Oh dear. I detect a disfunctional familly/homosexuality.
Anyway, I wholeheartedly hope you get sued for all you're worth by my friends at the Beeb. Gooday and Goodnight.

allemansing responds:

haha yeah man i know this flash is quite gay. I'm not happy with it looking back at it now. Yours was much more fun dude =) Though i dont think it quite THAT bad, but it's not very good. And no i didn't really spend christmas on this, i spent the days around christmas on this.
I bitterly regret that i made it so boring and serious. I must've been very mad and confidential when writing that review. dont take me serious ;)

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Credits & Info

2.63 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2005
8:35 AM EST
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