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Oh god...
This was my first serious submission. At the time i thought there was no way i was getting anything through the portal. It's not very good, the 2.3 score is rather undeserved, but i still like it because it reminds me of the good old days :) I learned a lot doing this.

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This is just LEGENDARY!

Seriously,allemansing, don't think too lowly of yourself. This is the most awesome pingu flash I have ever seen on the internet. The sound, the quality, the small filesize, the 5 minute length like the real pingu episodes and the best thing is that it is not really based off the closest episode I can find like this(#79:Pingu builds a Snowman). The sad part is, my friends all say this is crap. I don't blame them, since the average maturity for a kid in my primary school is 2.6 times more mature than the average primary. Which means they are watching M-rated videos now. I don't.Anyways, it is a lovely video and I hope to see more quality Pingu episodes from you. Cheers! :)

it was funny the voice but the video is awsome i liked pingu very much.plus in some videos,pingu says knock knock.he doesnt exaxtly say that but it sounds like that.this seems almost like the other pingu videos.

I Love Pingu!

That was awesome! I watch his shows still.

haha i agree

yeah it is kinda boring, though i dont agree with the last little bitch who was pissed off about you slating his movie.

although i voted it a 5 to raise its score, cause it sounds like you want it blammed and i wanna delay your intentions.

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3.78 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2005
8:35 AM EST