8-Bit Theater Part 5

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I would like to take this moment to thank to all the loyal fans for watching this Fully Authorized animation of 8-Bit Theater (Yes it is Brian approved or so he says). Now to take a moment and defend someone you might not expect, Misteroo. He in no way was ever ripping us personally or 8-Bit Theater directly. We were just the outlet to his point on making fun of sprite animations in general. I do not find 8-Bitch to be very funny (I just don't get all the jokes, not my humor is all) but I like a lot of his other stuff. And even though we do sprite animations and not hand drawn we still seem to be doing pretty good as far as I can tell. So please no one bash each other over an animation and if you don't like it then that's fine too. I know I can never make an animation to make everyone happy, that would be impossible. Plus the Housemaster bit was a joke and more of a fun poke in the ribs. I have a lot of repect for Misteroo as an animator and always will. I won't ever tell him that though. Oops did I just post that here? Damn.

Merry Christmas all. Hope you like this present I have for you all. Sorry I didn't have this posted sooner today but I had some computer troubles. This is 8-Bit Theater Part 5 the next installment of the series that TLF started animating. He started working on this but was unable to finish it so I offered to take over. We took our time on this for several reasons. (1) We wanted to be happy with the work. (2) We wanted you to be happy with the work. And (3) Life this year has been very different for me. I never stopped working on this animation (and others) but I do not have the time to be pumping these out every few months like I use to try. Plus this sucker is a long one for me. Even though it covers only 5 episodes in the comic plus some few extra pieces of content, the animation still is over 10 minutes in length. That takes time to make let me tell you. We did everything possible to keep it true to the comic but spice it up with original content that makes an animation an animation.

So we hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.


make another 1 please

that can't take so long can it? and the ending was really funny,he chewed his hand of lol

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It's been more than two years, and there still isn't another one?! Curse you, evil animators! Curse you!!

Other than that, really awesome flash!

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LOL, I saw Housemaster in the list of evil things... I see whats going on here XD. Anyways, I always get a kick out of this movie, as it's one of the first I've ever seen.
Good work, if you continue to animater in the future, try to make a sprite-less one "Whatever-The-Hell-Amount-Of-Bits-Fla sh-Animations-Have Theater".

Cant Wait For The Next One

.........cave of no return......or some height into the Plot! Will Black Mage pimp out White Mage? Or will she go with the Meat head? So many.......questions...........must be answered........who will be the main healer....the White Mage or the Red Mage?! Can a Monk without legs still make a good front line fighter? Oh noes. We must wait further~!

If you're reading this you may Click those lovely words, "Watch The Movie" with pride of seeing a great Flash~ I encourage you to watch the other 4 first however :D

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very well done, and very funny too, black mage is such a perv =)

whew, she doesnt suspect a thing...

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Dec 25, 2005
9:53 PM EST
Comedy - Parody