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Dedicated to the memory of Eric 'Shuichi' Morris.

Edit: Thanks so much for the Daily Feature! :3

Well, after a highly focused and socially inept week, I finally bring you my christmas presentation.
Whilst Wonchop is trying to think of a seasonal flash, he and the IT Geeks are attacked by a savoury assailant.
It gets lazy towards the end, but that's cos I so wanted to get this out for christmas.


what does fish and chips, pubs and yourself each

have in common?

they all make me proud to be british
this own, you own, and most of all
The UnitedKingdom Rocks!

Wonchop responds:


Jesus-H Tap-Dancing Christ That was Funny!

Man, you have some of the absolute funniest stuff on newgrounds! Not to mention the sheer amount skill that goes into these submissions you make! So many cameos too!

......Toblerano Braver....LOL! For those of you who may not know, play FF7 again and you'll remember and if you haven't.....whats wrong with you >:(! (Calms down and speaks in his genlteman's voice) Overall it was a exhilrating flash, and the amount of time and effort must of been strenous on you. Overall great flash.

Wonchop responds:



Man,that phrase barely break my speakers :D

Anyways,great flash there,one of the most funny I've ever saw!
But please,don't never put NUMA NUMA AGAIN!!!plz

This flash is a great example of Christmas spirit,with the big Pringles robot and the battle with the chocolate...and I write this in
July!!!(added to favorite)

Wonchop responds:

Hey, Homestar and crew had Decemberween in July last year.

Wow... just wow

And by wow, I mean you defeated my arch nemasis with chocolate and milk! All these years I've been hunting down that darned pringles bot... and I... I just... Oh well that's beyond the point.

That was really good actually, the James Bond thing was pretty freaking hilarious (I love sudden loud humour), but the Numa Numa segments were scary. The quality of the animation and characters were really well done.

But I'll tell you this, if anything inspires me to learn Flash to animate on Newgrounds, then it's good in my books. Thanks for the fun an entertainment of a few short minutes!

Wonchop responds:

It wasn't actually chocolate and milk, it was milk chocolate. Dairy Milk is a popular chocolate brand in the UK.

I loved it!

But dont call us freaking yanks! those of us who dont know what crisp means have obviously never picked up a book,thus should be spending the time it takes to watch a flash movie learning useful facts so we dont look like retards when someone makes a joke and we just look around saying "what the hell is he talking about?"

Wonchop responds:

Us British people are crazy with our 'lifts' and 'taps' and words with 'u' in them.

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Dec 25, 2005
8:07 PM EST
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