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X-Mas Puppets

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They are puppets, and it's X-Mas!





You want to read everything right? Now,I'll list here all that questions that don't need an answer, such as:
- Why is that tree talking???!

- If singers can sing and they have voices, why santa and tree just have dialogue bubbles?

-Where is the gift that Santa has? In his hat?!

- Why are those singers in that place, if there is just an stupid tree?

- Huh?

- Will Santa give my trees a gift?

As I said, those question DON'T need an answer.

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mean santa...

teh tree wuz sad :( p00r tr33

Talking X tree... hehehe

Hehehehe I liked the tree... he was so questioning everything. But the music was my favorite part of the flash. Also non spooky santa was cool

hahaha Kewl

iT WAS what I needed 2DAY some NON-SENSE humour

Wait leave there the "grammatical and spelling" mistakes they make the entry better looking, they give more "personaily" to da movie and I think some of them u places them bcuz u wanted not bcuz a mistake

Suggestions make the part when santa says something about his beard and the tree answers "liar" I cannot read completly what santa said, to fast! maybe u can add a part where there appear a text that is supposed to be said by the singer guys that say "bet u cant read this!"ยท and make it appear and dissapear quickly and santa said "I was able to read it" or dunno something like that, just a suggestion for making more non sense humour ;)

about other thibngs mmmmm nope I think that all

... 3 mins later...
Hey how is it posible it was a talkin xmass 3!!!

Good Job

You have a great movie here. You just need to fix some grammatical and spelling errors.

HapPie responds:

Wtah gramatical error? :/
What you do mean with spelling???

ok now seriously -.-

It's part of the X-Mas Spirit to have grammatical and spelling errors ...

New style.

I haven't seen a puppet flash before. I liked this submission. It was funny, and the choir provided a nice atmosphere with the music. It was good overall.