Samurai Sword 4

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The first demon,appears and a misteryous girl looking for the sword carrier too.Looks like they will have to work togueter to solve the problem...
There some upgrades on this episode, better grafics,and action scenes more detailed (the girl doging scene took 2 days)...more about the girl story on episode 5...till there...

Hope you like this one,cause it was realy hard to be made!
Say me what you think...



Pretty cool. I just wish you worked on sum things a lil more. I like the story, style and such but the voices are bad and so are the suntitles. The voices can be better and you should really work on the backgrounds more. Other than that, great!

Dark-ChiCKeN responds:

That was the best i could do about the voice,i couldn't find a better change voice program =/ , its not the way i would like...and i agree i was a little lazy making the BG ... but thanks very much for the rewiew!

Hee Hee Hee

Bad Grammar+So-so graphics+ninjas= Ultra-super-mega-wOOt!

Dark-ChiCKeN responds:

Thanks man...and thanks for the note too! :P ...but the grafics are 5? =/ well even so...thanks very much man for the rewiew!

See ya!


But all I want to say is that chick is fugly

Dark-ChiCKeN responds:

Yeah....she's not the way i immagined!

But thanks for the opinion !

good job

good job, but... she is not so pretty SHE IS FAT xD

Dark-ChiCKeN responds:

She is not the way i thinked, =/ i should have made she a little more beauty!

But thanks man...i appreciete!


you left no aspect unattented to. a love this, and ill put it on m favorites list, and i can't wait for episode 5.

Dark-ChiCKeN responds:

Hey thanks man...im realy happy u liked it,i guess it will took some time to make episode 5,but sure ill make it,i hope u can see when its done!

Thanks for the rewiew man!

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4.13 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2005
2:33 PM EST
Comedy - Original