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Hey everyone, and Merry Christmas from the Star Syndicate! We have 11 swell animators this year for our Christmas collab. I wish I could coauthor everyone for doing such a great job. MrChocobo, FLCLMonkey, rtil, f00d, Jewberry, Mr. Show, Tremour, Sevenstar, Revrent, Lauch and Zekeyspaceylizard all took part in this collab!
Enjoy our Christmas gift, from the SS to the portal.


Great job

another great flash from the big SS

amazing work guys


To all the Makers of this flash movie that was outstading I loved it! you guy's have awesome tallent. I really love your work you did hear. Nicely done. I will looking forward to your awesome work in the future. You guy's did a sweet ass job making this. The humor was awesome. Well done guy's.

xtil responds:

it was a lot of work. thanks for the recognition.

Very good.

I am extremely happy the way this turned out. There was a lot of skill here, and I think (and I hope most people will agree with me on this) that every single one of the animatiors involved in this deserved the high score and review score for all the hard work and effort they have put into this. This was most definitley swell, nice work guys.

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xtil responds:

everyone should agree with you or die


aw..... fulp

diz digit4l shizzzl3 wuz 0ff d4 hizzle f0' r34lizzle!
m3rry piconjomas fr0m teh Piconjo Posse!11 <3

xtil responds:


awsome menu!

Everyones part was so well done, what i find most amusing is alot of us had the same ideas for our parts, which I find real funny seeing as how we were all hush hush about ours. However what really stood out in this I think was your beautiful menu, the transition from the title menu to the scene selection was rad. Joining the ss was the best thing ive ever done, seriously, merry christmas everyone at the star syndicate an newgrounds, hoping you all get lots of presents ^^

except you wade. >:(

xtil responds:

awesome possum
have a lovely day

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2.43 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2005
6:41 AM EST
Comedy - Original