BadGuys: Christmas Dinner

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Thanks Tom for the BadGuy's collection.

Wow, after a long time in development, it is finally here. This game took a considerable amount to time to produce. After getting permission from the original authors (Tom Fulp, Chris Nosal) to make a clone of their game, and to make clones of their characters. It didn't take long for me to have demo going, but other things such as menus took a considerable amount of time, but i am pleased with the overal product. I've done some experimenting with the menu like is MGS 3 to have the picture appear differntly on the menu upon startup. I think just the little things like that give it a nice touch.
Also dual controls for the menu (Keyboard and mouse), took a while. But i feel that the Keyboard is definalty the way to go (for true arcade style).
Unfortunaly i had to cut the highscore version, but if this does well, i might update it :D

Anyways, enojoy the game, and all the features it has.



this is really inovative.

i never seen a party like engine aplied to flash.nice one!but there should be more games and stuff.think about it.

JPI responds:

I like party games, and i think there should be more 2-4 player games here on NG (plus you don't have to program AI!).
And... think about what?
If you have any suggestions for the next spin off of this game, please email me.


pimpedplayer, read the info,

Hes got the permission to use his BadGuys characters, so quit accusing him of stealing and go back to jacking off to your gay porno.

Anyways, Fine game, but it could of been more creative instead of just pressing two buttons.

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JPI responds:

Thanks for the defence, he's now been review banned by Denvish :D
And i know it isn't fantasticly creative, but i've been given great suggestions for a spin-off party game.

Thanks again.


f u dick head


Let me exsplain my scoring

Graphics gets a five for one reson and one alone: it's looks like a really badly drawn ed edd and eddy cartoon.
Style gets 3 most just cuz bad guys isn't your creation but you now that already
Sound gets a 10 CUZ the music rocks it's 'To Hell' from the flash toon "Bad guys go to hell"
Violence............what violence
Interactivity............well it's a game
humor gets 2 cuz you put bad guys in a game, high five

Overall a 4 not Sucky but not Awsum
better luck next time dude

I wish you can have CPU vs CPU vs CPU vs P1

Instead of having just two players vs eachother and no one wants to join, you should have all 4 players vs eachother and they eat bigger things. But when you press the -> and <- to start you should choose how many CPUs you want in the game. And then if a freind wants to join they can press the D and A or etc. And when that freind comes it, it should pause the game and say
"Here comes a new challenger!!"
You should also have an observer game where all 4 players vs eachother CPU vs CPU vs CPU vs CPU just incase.

Nice game though.

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JPI responds:

Thanks for the comments, i should be making a spin-off of this game in the near future. I'll take these comments into account (harder to program though, that's why i avoided it before.
Thanks for the great constructive review, i should include (hopefully all if i can) into the next game.


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3.57 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2005
5:38 AM EST
Skill - Typing