BadGuys: Christmas Dinner

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Thanks Tom for the BadGuy's collection.

Wow, after a long time in development, it is finally here. This game took a considerable amount to time to produce. After getting permission from the original authors (Tom Fulp, Chris Nosal) to make a clone of their game, and to make clones of their characters. It didn't take long for me to have demo going, but other things such as menus took a considerable amount of time, but i am pleased with the overal product. I've done some experimenting with the menu like is MGS 3 to have the picture appear differntly on the menu upon startup. I think just the little things like that give it a nice touch.
Also dual controls for the menu (Keyboard and mouse), took a while. But i feel that the Keyboard is definalty the way to go (for true arcade style).
Unfortunaly i had to cut the highscore version, but if this does well, i might update it :D

Anyways, enojoy the game, and all the features it has.



its okay

its so easy to play


Unlike Honk Honk, I liked this game, and though it is more than a bit repetative, I thought it was a great tribute(tribute, dumbass Honk Honk! You dont need to be the creater of a series to make a tribute!)to the Bad Guys series. It did leave a bit to be desired, but a great time killer none the less!

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i gave it a ten for violence because if you multiplayer your likely to kill each other to win
great game


i think i woke everyone in my house. but cool. nice to have a game that goes with your animations.

JPI responds:

"nice to have a game that goes with your animations." I'm not Chris Nosal/CaptainBlue, but i am honoured that you think so.

Yeah, i'm glad the music woke up your people in your house. They should've been up partying :P


that simply SUCKED!.
There needed to be more of a game.
like if you base It on a good thing you have to tribute good things, not just create a 10 min game and try to pass it off.
It was funny cuz it was so stupid

JPI responds:

Actually, it tooke more than 10 mins. It took about a wekk to produce the main art and engine. Then another week to tweak, add levels and menus etc.

It is true however it needed to be more of a game.

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3.57 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2005
5:38 AM EST
Skill - Typing