BadGuys: Christmas Dinner

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Thanks Tom for the BadGuy's collection.

Wow, after a long time in development, it is finally here. This game took a considerable amount to time to produce. After getting permission from the original authors (Tom Fulp, Chris Nosal) to make a clone of their game, and to make clones of their characters. It didn't take long for me to have demo going, but other things such as menus took a considerable amount of time, but i am pleased with the overal product. I've done some experimenting with the menu like is MGS 3 to have the picture appear differntly on the menu upon startup. I think just the little things like that give it a nice touch.
Also dual controls for the menu (Keyboard and mouse), took a while. But i feel that the Keyboard is definalty the way to go (for true arcade style).
Unfortunaly i had to cut the highscore version, but if this does well, i might update it :D

Anyways, enojoy the game, and all the features it has.



Button masher.

My fingers hurt.
This is somewhat boring.

Fun multiplayer

When playing by yourself the game seems boring but when playing with a friend the fun meter goes way up.

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What the hell?

I can't start to imagine why this is getting shit reviews, it is a great game. A nicely made re-make of Alien Hominid's "All You Can Eat", and the graphics were okay. So, my friend keeps owning me at the game, is why I voted 1 for violence. :P

So to all you bitches out there, actually review a game based on its real stats.

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this had better been a practice run...

...because this, well.....it sucked.......ass....hairy, black ass......... I hope this was you just practicing your flash-skillz....


there is one word to describe this flash:
SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN MADE also leave the movies to the ppl who start the series

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3.57 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2005
5:38 AM EST
Skill - Typing