Merry Christmas 3D

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Hi guys and gals and Merry Chistmas!! I modelled this over a few days in 3D Studio Max v7.0 and rendered it using Swift3D v4.

Feel free to save the .swf and send to friends and family (unchanged from the original please).

Comments are always appreciated (I will reply!), and again, Merry Christmas!

Music from stingsandthings.com

EDIT: 25/12/05

A few people have mentioned the graphics are not too detailed or are simple to make. Getting 3D stuff to look good takes time, and detail takes ALOT of time. Oh, and animating is a bitch.
It's 3D - enjoy it!!


Happy Feet!

HAPPY FEET!!!!!!!!!!

damn terrible!

that was...dead awful. there was absolutely no point, it moved along too slowly, and the models were simple and sophmoric at best.

sorry but that was just stupid.

DazFromTaz responds:

Oh well, most people liked it :S

A nice break from the 2-D.

It was impressive, really. You got your message across, and your 3D was great! I am pretty impressed with this video, and newgrounds really needs more 3D material. Great work!

DazFromTaz responds:

I might add some 3D stuff in the future, not sure. Being married takes a lot of your free time!

Good feeling Christmas message

Good work on the 3D movie. It was short sweet and to the point what every holiday greeting should be. I look forward to seeing more, expanded and polished things from you in the future. Good luck

DazFromTaz responds:

Thanks alot. :)

merry christmas

to you too!

DazFromTaz responds:

Thanks :)

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3.68 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2005
4:40 AM EST
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