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!MK-The Parody:Episode3!

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Author Comments


( voice acting didnt work out < caused the big delay. sorry , but plz enjoy )

Please vote fairly and I luv reading ur reviews.
Everything will be explained after the movie has loaded.

Well after a big delay and almost deletion of the project, I slap my self in the face and got myself to finish it.

Plz enjoy. (something wrong with audio credit so here it is... NG2630 )



Dude, I dont know what the hell that was but it was funny. I love ur parody vids, they're the shit, cant wait tot see what kind of stuff u throw out next.

Jinetik responds:

: )

Neither can i lol

thanks for the review

Believe me, it's far better without voices

I didn't think you'd be able to improve on the humour of the second one, but this had some great moments. I wouldn't worry about voice-acting, it can take away from humour sometimes. You need a replay button at the end though. Anyway, keep these up.

Great Flash

I love all the stuff you do on NG. it's hilarious. I love "Yakety Sax" - Boots Randolph.

Keep making these, and maybe think about making a game. I think a parody game would be great from you.

Jinetik responds:

wow thanks alot : )
well only time can tell

Ur review is much appreciated XD




That... was the funniest dam thing i have EVER seen omg make more, it was just so badly done it was funny.. Great.. now i gotta get a new kidkey i think this one bursted from laughing cause my sides hurt.

Jinetik responds:

lol maybe I should warn ppl about Kidney damage whilst watching this flash?.........naaahhh : p

Thanks for the review

There's this new thing out called originality

Okay, I haven't watched an underjudgement movie in a while, so I decided to hit the portals. I clicked on your at random and I decided in advance I was going to watch the whole thing. I was going to X out, but I stuck through it.

First off, the intro was too long. If you want to keep the viewers attention, make the intro shorter and get right to the action. Second, I noticed that there were sprites. Sprites and sticks are normally the cliches for unoriginal movies, but I always look past the cliches and look at the actual content. Thirdly, there was no voice acting. I'm sorry, but there is officially no way you can make a good movie with just subtitles and sprites unless you have an UNBELIEVABLE story.

Your story was nothing short of just plain boring. Why make them in space like the normal newgrounds movies are? Why not make them a family in a house somewhere? Why not make them kids in a class?

Okay, so now your story's unoriginal too, so all that's left is humor. By the time all of these things are noticed, it is almost impossible to make the movie funny unless you have something rediculously extreme or completely randomly out of hand. There was none of that. But you could say that you had random acts of humor, like the intermission thing or that crazy british saxophone chaise song. Turns out, these things have been used before in many many many other flash movies and by many flash artists. (See: theres something about halo and legendary frog).

So, there is nothing good left about your movie, which is why you have been awarded with a 1/10 (for your efforts). I never give zeros out. So don't take this as an insult, I'm just trying to help the newgrounds community.

Thank you,

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Jinetik responds:

dude I appreciate ur review as u back up ur comments. about some of the jokes ( did u read the part whre it says watch the 1st and 2nd episode first??? ) Plus it didnt have voices, lemme explain why. If u watched the 2nd episode it states i might consider it in my 3rd ep. and those episode worked out well. I didnt have voices becoz it wasnt working out, and i woodnt have a movie. and if u watch my other movies u wod notice my intros are boring, and i knew some ppl wood be excited about this episode, so i made the intro a lil more exciting.
I put the flash in space becoz it was sumthing new for the series...

but thanks for reviewing proffesionally.

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Credits & Info

4.28 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2005
3:47 PM EST
Comedy - Parody