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A Very Clockmas Flash

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This has got to be my best movie yet! Hopefully you all will enjoy this. I worked the entire month of november perfecting the story and such. Sadly the person that I actually wanted to impress with this, did not like it...

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my man

I recently reviewed another one of your Clock flashes... It was good. But I decided to watch another and soon found this movie to blow the former out of the water.

You do a great job with the Speakonia voices (pauses, funny pitches), and you do very well manipulating the English language. I love the line, "This is 100% for sure from Santa," or something. The background '40s Christmas music was a nice touch, too, as it sounded like it came from a tinny old radio in the corner of the room. Leek Clock also made me laugh. The only thing that needed work was the explosion (although its crudeness was quite comique).

I don't usually enjoy Clock movies this much, unless they are just bizarrely random. This had wit and finesse, however, and you've managed to sidle up next to the ingenious Turd_Clock in the race for :: Best Clock Animator :: !!! (Well, at least in my books, you have.)

I can't wait to see more from you. Try exploring a little bit away from the Clock medium, perhaps, because your sense of humor could be applied well to a creation of your own. Still, even if you remain a creator of predominantly Clock-ish movies, I'll still love your stuff.

Peace, my bro.

P.S. I just bought a Wacom drawing pad, so you'll be able to see some of my stuff soon...! That is, if you don't forget about me in two minutes.

ForkClock responds:

Wow, now THAT was a review. Yes, this one of my later creations. I put about a months worth of work into this. I was still kinda new to flash, but this was the changing point for me. I think it was the score that got me. it went through judgement at like 3.5 or something.

While I DO love doing Clock animations, I have little side projects that I work on from time to time (which are not clock related). See, the thing is, I cant really draw very well. So it takes me a long time to draw stuff, which isnt going to look that spectacular anyways. I try, but I dont really know if my art is improving at all. I guess you will see when it comes out ;-)

I will be looking forward to seeing stuff by you soon. From what I have heard, those Wacom pads are sweet.


well i used to hate the clocks,but now theyve got them selves a new fan!:)

ForkClock responds:

Wow dude! Well I am definitly glad that you saw this movie. Not because you gave it a really good review, but because you saw something in it, that changed you from just a typical clock hater. To go from hate to fan is a HUGE step, and I can only say, that I am truly happy that you liked this movie. Hopefully I will be able to entertain you with more in the future :-) -ForkClock


This is your best movie yet! n_n
AAaand the funniest too!
Fifen for you!


ForkClock responds:

Thank you! I put alot of effort into this one. Glad you enjoyed it!

Kick ass man!

Sweet!!! Nice work, as a felllow clock I was thinking how do you make the clock voices. But anyway getting back too the reveiw nice work funny to.

ForkClock responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!

If I could, I would give it a 6.

That was fucking awesome. You need an award for that shit.

ForkClock responds:

Hopefully it will get a Rofl award. Ive gotten soooo many comments on how funny it was, that i think it might have a shot. Thanks Viking!

P.S. Job well done on your zombie movie. It was great.