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Megaman's Massacre

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Author Comments

Hey guys, again. Due to the lack of actionscript working-ness of yesterday I've redone my Megaman's Massacre movie. This version's pre-loader should (hopefully) work. So vote fairly and enjoy!

If you did see this movie yesterday I'd just like to say that I am the original maker of this movie, and thanks for the people who helped me with my actionscript mess up.

With that said, enjoy!


good length and fast paced action

this is probably one of the best flash movies ever!it's like half an hour long filled with top-notch Action! Must-seed!!!

Man, oh man. That sure was cool!

I loved for starters the Spritework, the concept of all the Robot masters m,ashed around was cool too. The fighting was intense (altough, Megaman isn't supposed to bleed, but that's just a stupid detail). The music was very good to the fight. I didn't like the ending too much but it is a good theory.

Well, overall, good job. So All my 5 are belong to this.

MegaMan kick ass

inspired by MK vs. SF 2, or MMZTLC3, Megaman Real Adventure, or Rise of Mushroom Kingdom, or whatever, i seen this movie back in 2005, or this year, the movie was good, i really like the intro opening, with clean moving backgrounds sprite, man, i really like MegaMan is fighting, will one of the return of the Master Robots, why Bass, he was one of evil MM Character, one of MM7-8, Man, good for you, glad you hate Video Games, Man, MegaMan kick ass of Robot Master, i know GKA, was your buddy. but i can beyond!
Megaman kick Butt! good work. i really like this movie, that is a clean sprite movie, will in the end, will poor MegaMan and ProtoMan they died, will it be MMX flashes, will it cool.
MegaMan and ProtoMan team up, they kick but the Robot Master.
keep it up the good work.

If u like Megaman kicking some serious robot @$$

Then this is definately for you, such original routes from all the games and all your favourite robot masters from the NES come back only to get their asses whooped by our favourite blue bomber himself, protoman shows up too. This flash is uber cool (Bubbleman's attack was a joke). I only hope that the creator would make more like these... cause this was awesome.

Great flash

I loved the action but I found the ending to be upsetting

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Credits & Info

4.07 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2005
9:55 AM EST