The Little Buzzers Ep 5

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This is the 5th episode in "The Little Buzzers" series. Be sure to check them out at their website www.littlebuzzers.com or check them out on iTunes! (Click the "Subscribe on iTunes!" on the left.)

That had to be the shortest front page feature I have ever seen. Oh well.


Im surprised

That flash surprised the heck out of me, at first, I thought it was going to be lame.... boy was I wrong, it was one of the funniest, most original things I have seen in along while, sounds mixed with mouth movment great, the chewing sounds and laughing sounds from the purple thing cracked me up, Its funny, the only person to really bash this was a little 16 year old, because he doesn't understand how difficult it is to make a decent flash with sound that isnt a horrible cameo voice over that you can hear everything going on in the back round, using the... I unno what you would call the sound you would use... but it fit in nicly, also the other one said it was annoying, was a rip off from those stupid clock things and that already makes him void out of this decision. Also to answer the last question, the eat batteries because its good for you :)


Keep up the good work!

It was pretty good!

It was good, but how come they were eating batteries

FarFromSubtle responds:

The Little Buzzers love electronic music AND electronics.

thats what she said

im a fan of the series, and this one was really good, but there's still no 'play' button.

FarFromSubtle responds:

No play button? Oh yes... I see. Sorry I never even thought about that. Stupid me. I'll work on that tonight. ^_^


Good stuff indeedy!Why the noises did get some what annoying you were still able to maintain a good flash

FarFromSubtle responds:

Thanks for watching!


I agree with what you commented earyler, try smaller doses..

at first i enjoyed the noises they made.. after a few minutes i wanted to turn it off...

FarFromSubtle responds:

Heh, indeed, I have felt the same at times.

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Dec 22, 2005
11:00 PM EST
Comedy - Original