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The truth about the formerly great flash you just made

1. Dumb fuckheads like you can go bitch about ths somewhere else. This fucking complaint is as gay as fuck can ever be!
2. For NO apparent reason, you make only make last ditch attempts to keep people out of the motherfucking Portal. Crazytown?
3. Porn at the end of a video?! Seriously, that fucking false statement gets you nowhere!
4. WHO IN THE BLUE FUCK gives a fuck about commercials? Some are ass-kickin' and some are FUCKING irritating!!!

I've said it once and I'll fucking say it again. Go to some other fucking site and take your sorry-ass comments somewhere else!!! Unless you don't fucking care 'bout this all I have to say is "that's too fucking bad!"

If you think you're gonna piss me off just by responding to me, I don't really give a fuck. Just sayin'!

Very true

But things like this only add to the problem, you are not "fighting fire with fire" by submitting a one frame flash in oppsition to shitty flashes coming through the portal, if anything it shows quite a bit of hypocrisy


I think that I'm going to get some blam points today though. :/ Seen the Earthbound love stories? Utter garbage and he made at least 16 of them then spammed them.

Either this is some idiot convention that I missed or he thinks he'll get a daily outta people by annoying them. :/

True but pointless

Okay yeah I 100% agree with you, that was the way it was back then, some of them rules still apply even today, but was this really neccesary? You could have set it up on a website, posted it in the forums or used some other means to spread the message, making a flash that's just text has no point to it whatsoever and considering this is your only movie, you haven't submitted anything good, so who are you to talk about this? The idea to do this wasn't even original it had been done many times before.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


very true

i have realised that a bunch of un funny shit has been put on this website and ppl think that just because the have one part of porno they get higher votes and i hate that do u really think only people under 18 play on this site well alot of kids play on it and they see alot of under aged porn well anyways u speak nothing but the true i hope u keep spreading the word and keep this crapy shit on newgrounds

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Jun 30, 2000
9:25 PM EDT