X-Men: House of M part 3

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This took me way longer to finish than I planned.

Blasted real life always gets in the way, anyway, here's part 3, which basically covers issues 2 through 5 of the actual comic in which absolutley nothing happens. Stuff happens at the end so part 4 should be marginally more exciting.

Hope you enjoy it, and here's hoping the next one won't take quite so long.

note: Layla's last name is wrong, but that's intentional. It's an obscure joke, hopefully someone will get it.


Man oh man...

That was so friggin boring....

Talk talk talk, talk talk talk

The graphics were really simple
The animation was simple
The sound was okay, but stopped oddly after the little girl showed up

Hell I could'nt even watch it to the end, bored me to near death...

too short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS WAS TOO SHORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it sucked so.......BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wogoat responds:

If you think it sucked wouldn't it being short be a good thing?

EWw! Lame flash...

What the hell was that again ?...Oh!, yeah, X-monkey..this flash sucks...


u always get the frontpage with some loose arms and not mouthed characters mostly that is great but thye talk shit and not eevn a bit action wy does this egt the frontpage damnit! all are just graphics
it stinks and wh it scores high i duno? stupid!!!!!!!!!!

now how....

How does this same crap keep getting on the frontpage? It sucks worse than the others, why don't you put arms? Can you not make them bend? Can you not lip synch? This is a crappy movie.

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4.24 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2005
10:12 PM EST
Comedy - Parody