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X-Men: House of M part 3

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This took me way longer to finish than I planned.

Blasted real life always gets in the way, anyway, here's part 3, which basically covers issues 2 through 5 of the actual comic in which absolutley nothing happens. Stuff happens at the end so part 4 should be marginally more exciting.

Hope you enjoy it, and here's hoping the next one won't take quite so long.

note: Layla's last name is wrong, but that's intentional. It's an obscure joke, hopefully someone will get it.

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"How many times has he died?" "None." "How many times have you died?" "None." "How many times have I died, even if it was a Skrull pretending to be me?" "None."
"Something is seriously wrong here." GENIUS.

Can't believe how old this, and yet its so awesome. and when I read House of M I never knew how old it was, well good work. Im going to start drawing like you, much more simple

not much

here but hopefully the next one will be better


Wtf this isn't funny...

Yeah the next part has taken a while

So when was the next part coming oh not long its only been 5 years
and 1 day.....Well anyway this was a fun video 5/5 10/10