Ball Puzzle

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The game has 30 levels and is quite easy to get the hang of. The first 7 levels are very easy so don't think it's like this all the way through. You can also continue from where you left off if you close down the window. Another way of restarting the level is by pressing "home" on your keyboard.

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Really slick,clever design - great example of how you can get maximum use out of just a handful of sprites,enjoyed all the red herrings,and unexpected exits.Wish my games (or game even - i've only made one) contained more logic like this.I came across your page by way of the yoyo forums,was looking up how complex it would be to integrate their html5 with the score api here.Didn't find many answers! I notice you're from Brum - I'm from Walsall,left about 25 years ago when the internet hadn't been discovered yet and everyone seemed to have long hair,beards,listened to Rush and played Dungeons and Dragons.Cheers - RG

FabianJarrett responds:

Thanks for that. I still haven't found the answer either. I know a few people in Brum that still fit that description!

I took my computer off of mute after I completed the game... I probably wouldn't have been able to complete the game if i had it on. Probably the worst music ever... but maybe that was intended.

28 was quite difficult. 30 was hypnotizing and I probably would have had a seizure if I had stared into the abyss long enough. All of the levels were very well done.

A couple of the later levels only took a few moves to complete ...maybe that wasn't the intention... unless it was supposed to be a 'right under your nose' sort of thing. I think if I were blindly making moves instead of meticulously mapping out all routes I probably wouldn't have completed those levels so quickly...

FabianJarrett responds:

The later levels were not designed to be completed so fast. It's bad level design. Thank you for playing through all my levels. This was my first game many years ago.

this game is evil!!!

in a good way :)

I got stuck at level 28... is it even possible to complete that?!?!


If you're new game looks anything like this one running wise, that's SHARP! Haha unfortunately level 11 had me at a loss, but thats a good looking game :)

Nice job

I liked it, very challenging. Sadly, I am not smart enough to get past level nine. I like it. Though the music got a bit annoying after a while. Good job installing that music toggling button. Maybe add mroe of a variety to it? Yea, that's all I can see flawed. Good music, but it does need a bit of a mix. maybe a different loop for each level? or like, for each five levels?

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3.67 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2005
5:23 PM EST
Puzzles - Other