mgs3 - shit eater trailer

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I'm sick and tired of being bombarded with people saying that this was a shit joke, JUST CUZ THEY DON'T GET IT!
If you people had bothered to watch what happened at the end of Madness Gear Solid 2 you would know that he is painting over the gay room which belonged to GimpClock. And when he says pass the time, ITS CUZ ITS TAKING ME FREKKIN FOREVER TO GET THE 3RD PART ON CUZ YOU GUYS KEEP GIVING ME BAD RATINGS BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T GET THE FREKKIN' JOKE! It's a TEASER trailer. Get over it.

MADNESS GEAR SOLID 3! - http://jenova.uiv2.com/p ortal.php?sub=view&id =2


A weed.

If you are sick and tired of getting bad reviews, don't make stuf like this.


Sweet. Very funny and I like the music. Whatever idiots don't get it aren't worth your time. Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the next one. ^_^

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ViNCeNT-aSMoDeuS responds:

This is the last one though...
But I might bring out a special one for MGS4...


That was funny!
I don't get the others that said it wasn't cuz it was... It doesn't need a story, it's a trailer. Isn't it meant to be in Alphas thoguh?

not funny

i gave it a 5 cuz i feel sorry 4 u from getting bad reviews. i dont really like it though

ViNCeNT-aSMoDeuS responds:

Haha, thanks, but I'm not bothered.
Not everyone gets it. And it's nice to see that not everyone is a complete and utter prick too =D
*thumbs up* thanks!


funny get to work on the movie

ViNCeNT-aSMoDeuS responds:

It is done, but I can't submit it. Bloody 2mb limit. >.<
But it IS here >. http://jenova.uiv2.com/portal.php?sub=view&id=27
If ya wanna see it.

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Dec 21, 2005
4:36 PM EST