s+l //ONSLAUGHT v1.5

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So I didn't really add much, just fixed up some things. Shooting enemies should no longer cause lag, and enemies will no longer "forget" to explode. There's still ONE glitch that I know of, which is sometimes the targeter will get stuck on one square, to fix this, click that same square again.

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good game

tha glicth is the only problem like the dood before me sed other than tha its all good

Nice one!

You've got a nice game there! There's just one glitch, and it's a big one! Sometimes, when you kill the enemy, it comes back =o? So I ended up getting a lot of +2 combos =], but, it's an easy fix =o! Add a variable to see if it's alive / dead, and if it's dead, A: removeMovieClip();, or B: Make it not detect the hit after, and while, it explodes.

Graphics[10] - Beautiful =]
Style[9] - Nice concept, and all around fun ^_^
Sound[10] - Liked the sound a lot =], not too much, not too little
Violence[8] - Boom...XD
Interactivity[10] - Games are fun, and interactive =o!
Humor[2] - What was the joke? Didn't think so...
Overall[9] - Nice ^_^, high quality submition here =]

How can you call it "Onslaught"?

There is already a game called onslaught. and it is the greatest on NG!
i think it is kinda lame calling it Onslaught and also rip the concept of the original Onslaught... Onslaught is a survival game, where you have to shoot incomming enemies... So is this. The original onslaught is only better and prettier...

What a bummer

magma26 responds:

I can call it "onslaught" because it's on onslaught game. You ever searched "onslaught" on ng? It's commonly used.

It's sponge and leroy: onslaught, the title speaks for itself.

Not bad.. but boring...

This game is OK for like the first 2 minutes.. then things go down hill.. I need more interaction/challenge. Graphics were nice though.

i liked it

great game, but a little boring, this isnrt going on my favs list, srry man

Credits & Info

3.87 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2005
1:48 AM EST
Strategy - Artillery