The RAF game

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Use the Laft and right cursor keys to pilot through the debris and make it safely to the end. A and D also work (because we care)

Made by Weebl and 3D Phil


shallow and pedamptic

fun game but i kept getting pinned under blimps qand debree from the money and the sky scrapers

so that pissed me off a lil

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Really Good

Top Game that, what? The execution was what you can expect from TheWeebl. Congrats on another top game. Just one problem. Is is me, or do the rocks come at the most inoppurtune moments? I was caught between rocks, a skyscraper and an airship, with nowhere to go!! Apart from that though, very nice!

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like it!

graphics are great! even though the British pilot looks a bit Asian... but I guess that's the humour in the game!

What I didn't get was the banana thing. Why are we collecting bananas? Why are bananas have a parachute and I don't? Guess it's humour!

There was no interactivity! i.e. buying guns, upgrades, etc. well maybe it's because of only one level.

Cool Game

It was a cool game (like I just said). The "old" style fits perfect to it.
When I read RAF I first thought of the Rote Armee Fraktion (Red Army Fraction). You know those German terrorists from the 70's



The whole Black & White thing that was pretty cool and having King Kong appear that was just perfect for this style of game.

It really has that 50's feel to It...lol

One question though...... Does this game ever end? I played about 5 mins worth and got really bored.

Dodging the rocks was an ok Idea but It got to the point where all this shit you had to avoid was to close to each other, Making It very hard to stay In the air.

And that tune that just repeats Itself over and over again. ARGH!!!!!
I thought I was going to start foaming from the mouth and slip Into a coma.

Other then that, Not a bad job.

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3.74 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2005
7:06 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight