12 days of Ragnarok

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*fixed flash player compatibility, still helps to have the latest player of flash :D
hey! been a year since i submitted a flash content here. This one is a holiday greeting card i made for a contest for a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) here in our country. the game's called ragnarok and its a cool game to play w/ sprites in a 2d environ. hope i win tomorrow coz tommorow will be the judging. hope ya peeps at NG like it and may all of you have a merry Christmas! woooooooooooh btw this card's set to the tune of 12 days of Christmas, thus the title.



As a Ragnarok player myself, I liked it, and the monster drawings were frankly, quite amazing. >_> You should re-draw some of those uglier Cards. /gg

However, the music during the Angeling Sequence was quite hard on the ears, and formed a disharmony with the rest of the song.

Also, the frantic side-scrolling became irritating, especially on the Turtle General scene.


Good job though!

Quite long for a Christmas card...

Well, for a flash to receive my protection, it really only needs to have things: Cuteness and some sort of turtle.
This flash film had both!
What's more, this flash film was well animated, the idea was nice, the customized lyrics well-conceived and over-all the movie was nicely coordinated. It was also cute and had a turtle.
Futhermore, the music was nice, albeit annoying at times (what with the scratchy noises). Still, you made up for this by including cuteness and a turtle.

You should have no trouble winning this contest, for although this flash film was a tad long for a Christmas card, it was cute and had a turtle.


im not getting much for christmas because my family is kinda poor all we got is this comp so its nice to hear good christmas songs.Thanks make more please ;)


Im from phillipines to!..but raised in sweden(lol) Great job with ur movie, keep it coming!:P


its nice but the tune gave me a head ache and i no its the real tune to watva that song is called but its so high pitched and anoying after a bit but its really good.

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Dec 20, 2005
10:45 AM EST
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