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Winter Attack: Trailer

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I now have an alpha with much more information on this project: http://newgrounds.com/ng

Here, i present to you a very short trailer(a minute and 20 seconds) on a new clay animation i am working on. The title is Ogre Alan's Stories: Winter Attack. The final film will be about 5 minutes but also my most detailed film ever.

Please enjoy and happy holidays

also, the song is: Silver Bells by Kenny G

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i will say the music was rly bad to the point i muted the pc.
but welldone on how well done this is, good work

You have every weapon to make a movie

I looked at time lapse and laughed. This gave you humor (you should submit those 2 :) ) You got the graphics from Movement and Motion. And you got the story from this. You have potential to be the next Tim Burton or make the next Wallace and Gromit.

Your style is great, smooth graphics, sound (music) was great maybe add light sound effects, solid song choice. The part with the snowman with the snowball is funny. I see a Weekly User's choice in the making.

MackProductions responds:

thank you very much. This review was the tiny push i needed to get Time Lapse onto NG. As you can see i did, but with added things like the intro and such.

Thanks for the good review and i assure you Winter Attack when finished(this month) will have all of these things.


excellent, all that work! nice set!!
:D, wish i could do that stuff, i would if i had some clay.... !

Clean 10

Thats a lot of work and time and talent to pull all off that. Keep it up.

Absolutely a beautiful work

I'm a little surprised this didn't get any awards at all. The full version will for sure! This is as smooth as knox's stuff, and even more amazing in terms of klaymation (sorry knox, I still love you). It's not as funny as his, but I liked how everything was snow. That was different from a table; you used a LOT of white clay. Honestly I dont know how much money you spent on all that, but it worked. Keep it up!

MackProductions responds:

thanks, yeah i was a bit dissapointed that this didnt get any awards too, but eeh, what can you do.

And if you care at all, this animation was animated at 20 frames per second, where-as knoxs are 15 frames per second. Im not dissing knox or anything just stating.

haha yeah it took about 3 and a half pounts of white clay just for the set, and another pount for the snowman and snowballs and extra white. There will be much more to the final animation, and i am very excited with how it is comming along. It will still be another month or so before i finish... but feel free to spread this around and raise excitement :P