Gravoor 2

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This is a sequel to the second game I ever made. Its a puzzle game where you have to guide an alien through a maze You don't have full control over the alien, he just follows your mouse.
its not bad hittesting either before anybody starts, his legs can touch the walls, its just his body that isn't allowed to.
its not the best level ediotr in the world, you can't save in it. you can really, just play around with it. I was just making one for fun one afternoon and decided to let you guys see it.



World 3 is very hard..
Can't make it =(

Chris responds:

lol, just keep trying. and don't forget to use the game's save feature if you need to

Rhinan_Productions @ hotmail . com

Whoa funny game =). Reminds me really much of Mouse 1.0, though this game is a bit better because:
1 - You can't cheat here, because the...thing...followed your mouse, instead of BEING your mouse.
2 - It's really funny, the little mouse thingy, the levels, etc.

Though i just numbered up a few good comments, here is the bad part:
1 - Those walls are REALLY too narrow, i know it's supposed to make it more difficult, but when i came at the 'blocks' level, i had to try about 35 times, if not more.
2 - You're making all enemies, movieclips, too fast, try to slow them down. This way, it's already hard at the beginning. The spiders are moving really fast, and at the ocean level, the water was going up really fast, i had to try that one a few times too.

But overall, this game is really good ;) (i'm sure this'll get frontpage too)

Keep Up The Good Work!!

Chris responds:

but if i slowed everything down, you'd complain its too easy O_o :P


kinda addicting I guess, but very repetive.


Chris responds:

well atleast you enjoyed it for a while :)

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!IT ROCKS!! I LOVE THE SPIDERS!!!! SO REALISTIC! and everything is well drawn..its so much fun!!!!!!!!!! this is going on my favorites!!!!!!! ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris responds:

lol, i don't think this game is that realistic to be honest with you. but if you like these levels, try the ocean levels at the end

Not Too Bad.

I like games like these. Usually though it's just created with a red dot that tries to get through the maze while you get through the maze. You put an interesting spin on this. I like the fact you actually made a character that gets controlled by the mouse, and all the obstacles that go with it the same way, too. I have to give you credit for that.

Chris responds:

Thanks mate ;)

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4.05 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2005
10:15 AM EST
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