Gravoor 2

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This is a sequel to the second game I ever made. Its a puzzle game where you have to guide an alien through a maze You don't have full control over the alien, he just follows your mouse.
its not bad hittesting either before anybody starts, his legs can touch the walls, its just his body that isn't allowed to.
its not the best level ediotr in the world, you can't save in it. you can really, just play around with it. I was just making one for fun one afternoon and decided to let you guys see it.


Great jorb!

Very nice work on this game.
This is one of those games that I'm gonna remember for a
long time.
I look forward to playing the sequels, which I'm gonna do when I'm done writing this review.
But before I go check them out, here are some things I find could be improved:
1. Try giving Gravoors attacks to fend off.....
2. ...Enemies could be in the game.
3. Maybe some bosses for each world? It felt a little empty when I all of a sudden got a "congratulations! world complete!"
4. Try not to make the passages too narrow.
on the snowman level I died like, 8 times before I got past the first block.
And 5. Make them longer! I was havin waaaay too much fun!


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twas ok

i didn't really like it that much, i just wasn't my type of game, but it was a clever idea, and pretty cool level ideas, the graphics were pretty good but i think that every now and then the song could change, im sure many other ppl like this game, just wasn't my type, i like more of the shooting games and action games. Keep up the good work

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sweet... I beat it. yay!

I thought it was a great game. Creative, amusing, and difficult. I'm going to play the next one tonight or tomorrow. The level designs were cool, too. I liked the simple backgrounds, as well. (didn't distract, but provided scenery)

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i found this game wayyy too hard but it was somewhat fun. i eventually beat it and was not impressed by the graphics. the backgrounds also sucked, leaving this game to rot.

good but way too hard

Nice game, good levels, fine gameplay, but like all your games it's way too hard. I tried the level where you had to move with that box (2nd world) several times to no avail. Then I quit.

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4.05 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2005
10:15 AM EST
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