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NG Insult Generator

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Thanks for front page Tom!! :D

Alright, now I HAVE to say something since SOOOO many people are complaining. These aren't meant to be real "insults" or even "real" at that. They are meant to be more of jokes. Now you are wondering, then why did you call it an Insult Generator?? Well what am I going to call it? "NG Joke Machine", I personally think that is lame. These are just some random fun things to read, not insults that you would use on people on your family.

*NOTE* for those complaining that the NG users here would be offended, you are utterly wrong. The NG users added here would actually get a kick out of this, as GAMECUBICLE did too.

Tired of your insults always being the same lame 'I know you are but what am I?' Well, then, the NG INSULT GENERATOR is for you! Amaze your friends, impress your teachers, and make little spammers cry! Side effects may include headaches, depression, emoness, and other. batteries not included.

Special thanks to Glaiel_Gamer who helped me tremendously!



funny looking vagina

omfg lawl!!

Your mom
radioactive cow testacles

He he.

If the saying goes "small things amuse small minds" then my mind must be the size of a peanut, cos i thought that was fucking fantastic! Nice one! :-D

Lol funny!

God it said some bad things about my family.. Grr

not bad

i was typing in my name and it said an insult about me, right then my brother was standing next to me and he laughed at me when it insulted me, so i typed in his name and clicked the insult button a crap load of times and read it out loud to him , of course he is a spaz so he started yelling at me until he finally turned off the computer on me lmao this game gave me a real laugh, thanks for making it

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Dec 18, 2005
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