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Eine Klinge und ein Mann

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As soon as the winter break started, i glewed myself to my computer seat and started working on a little short, soon enough i found myself working on it more and more, after three days and working with my mouse it came to be at least a minute and a half movie, the graphics seem to be okay and hopefully no one votes badly for being stick, (PLEASE IF YOU DO NOT LIKE STICK DONT VOTE BADLY) anywho goto www.klotamations.com to see more stuff from me.

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really bloody =funny

Made very little sense

Well umm...did he find his daughter? why was there one person in the town? what was the point being up ina tower which was so easy to acess it took the guy 1 sec to go up get it go back down? and umm wouldnt it have been easier to say at the beginning credits "A man who is rescuing his daughter" other then "A man with a sword" other then all that pretty good animation, and fighting wasnt too bad eaither, you should have went the extra mile and made the fight scene with the red guy more intense and long. For as bad ass as the red guy looked he diddnt put up much of a fight.

Why is Nightwish popular all of a sudden?

Yes, even though Planet Hell is an owning song, It seems to be everywhere! >.<

Anyway, nice animation, a tad short though...


This was a lot better than i'd thought it'd be... The animation was very nice and smooth... I was a little dissapointed cause it was like zoomed out and since the animatino was quickish it was hard to tell exactly what happened ever time... Also just wondering why did you stop the Nightwish song? I thought if you kept it going it would have fit the animation very well... Well great job man, can't wait to see your next animation...


I was in the credits :D

Thanks antix, I was really proud of your movie. It had a really nice flow to it and was very simple yet inspiring. I can see you put some effort into this film and it looks great! I could have watched this for hours.


RoflCakes responds:

well you deserve alot credit doodle, honestly myself i've watched this movie probably about 50 times during the creation of it wasting about 2 hours of animation time :)

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4.22 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2005
1:42 AM EST