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PyroUdine: Happy F-Day from Penisstar and ZekeySpaceyLizard!

After a week and a half of work, we are proud to present to you the Foamy Gets Frontpage Collaboration! I hope you will all enjoy the time and effort that we have put into this movie.
Fololo 311: woo

Europa kann nicht eher zur Ruhe kommen, bevor die jüdische Frage ausgeräumt ist. Die Welt hat Siedlungsraum genügend, es muß aber endgültig mit der Meinung gebrochen werden, als sei das jüdische Volk vom lieben Gott eben dazu bestimmt, in einem gewissen Prozentsatz Nutznießer am Körper und an der produktiven Arbeit anderer Völker zu sein.

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2 Stars for you. The repeating images are annoying and just when the music makes up for you kill it.... I should stab you in the eye with a really hot french fry.

Though I am a fan of Foamy...

I like the humor in this. It really is quite funny.

8/10, for humor. =)


why would you waste your time doing something so pointless the artwork was horrible and it was the same stupid thing over and over again it was stupid
and foamy owns

Eh! Not so much

I did enjoy the violence. The music was alittle much though. I 've had better!



Grafx: Cool.
Style: To tell the truth, not that well done.
Sound: Rock on, Franz Ferdinand, rock on.
Violence: POW! Smashes face on front page, brilliant.
Interactivity: Not just one, but TWO tantalizing options.
Humor: Foamy and his squeaky voice never gets old.

Awww, that sucks that you got turd. But still good.