the ugly

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this is really great sadly after I press ok this time seems to be broken now :/ I do remebr the game though and all the twist were amazing

for those wondering YES there is a way to win.

if you want a walk through just google it, theres one on youtube here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZ6bMKIkL9E

however, let me say this, theres really only one part that is COMPLETELY impossible to figure out and if you want hints instead of a full walkthough, keep reading

hint #1: look for the key in a bloody area

hint #2: there is a small task you MUST do which is impossible to figure out. This task decides that when you reach the end of the game you win instead of die. the hint is, it involves hiding after performing a noisy action. if you want the actual solution instead of a hint, read the next sentence. ok the actual solution is to turn on the radio, and quickly hide behind the curtain. kinda bull shit, i would have never figured that out.

4 stars because i love dark games like this, and the art was amazing. (4 stars is practically 5 stars in my book)

wow...nothing i do beside reading the paper and walking through 3 rooms does anything but get me killed....this is crap.

But why

Coming back to this game and The Darkness series in 2016...this game was so scary and fucked up back then, still is. (Hint: If anybody new to this game wants to avoid a heart attack, don't click the eye.) The scene where she sees her dad was so fucked up. It's too bad that the author never finished the Magneto Syndrome series though.