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the ugly

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I still think about this short years later!

1) Face the stereo.

2) Click on the red button and QUICKLY, click on the upper left (the curtain), so as to hide. The Ugly will be disturbed but he won't notice you.

3) Pass the corridor.

4) You may go to the kitchen and read the newspaper. It's optional. No need to do so.

5) Go to the right door in the corridor: the bathroom. Wash your hands. An eye will pop up.

6) BREATHE. Don't forget to do it.

7) Open the tap and I know you won't like it, put ur hand inside the father's mouth, in order to get a key.

8) This key opens the door on the right in the corridor, the one that was closed.

9) Right after opening the door, click on the right side. This will take you to the parents' bedroom.

10) Click on the mom's bod and she will tell u the story of what has happened. You don't have to do anything from there on. The Ugly will appear and the mom will kill him.


I cant go back

Can someone explain this to me

idk how to play this game