Foamy : "Japanese Capers"

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Hello Sirs. Here I present to you Foamy in "Japanese Capers". 10 days of hard work has gone into this, and it's possibly my longest movie yet - ranging in at around 4 minutes or so! :D

In today's swell episode - Foamy wins tickets to fly out to Japan on a TV gameshow, But when he arrives, he gets more than he bargained for, and just when it couldn't get any worse......

Please take the time to watch the entire movie before voting, and if you wish to leave a review, please leave constructive criticism. Thanks.

Shout outs to all the folks at the UCFD. Sorry I couldn't cameo you all.

So without further ado, Enjoy the movie!



WOW, nice job man. you even put me in there <3

I love Foamy cartoons!

But as much as I admire illwillpress's type of humor, this one was sight gag after sight gag, which only really worked well with the wackiness of the style and consistancy of the story. I recognised a number of cameos from those horrid collab artists, thank goodness they didn't have an actual part in the creation of this flash. ;) Really funny to watch, but no death scene?... I guess it would change the tone of the animation, oh well. Well Done!


Hmm I thought of jioning this ucfd last summer but I can't. This submission is much better than a looneytoons cartoon. The heantai depot gets blown up oh shits what will the horny 14yors jap kids do asdaf

Lol, great!

Yet another swell movie by Frankiedaman!
I would have given you a 10 overall, but next time don't use so many bad gradients. :/
Anyway, happy F-Day to all!

For the love of christ people...

Might I suggest in the future that the nice folks at UCFD put a disclaimer on these movies

Here are some tips for it.

1. Do not watch and review if you are under the age of 14 (or have intellegence under that number)

2. Your not a babbling drone under Foamys control, and are so obsessed with that character that you refer to him as a "god" or "master" to compare Foamy, an internet squirrel to that of God or Buddha is just laughable

3. Have spent more than 0.01 dollars on Foamy products

4. have dedicated your entire account (and life) to the preservation and worship of foamy, and have IWP, LF, or Knox in your favorites list

5. Been a member of the Newgrounds community for less than 4 months.

6. Have never tried flash or know nothing about flash whatsoever, or what the hell the word "Tween" means.

Its strange. I remember I was like alot of you kids too, in my younger days on NG I used to like LF, and IWP. Untill I looked around NG alot, and found talented folks like the ones at UCFD and makes these flashes who arent the enemy, but are the liberators, and are trying to free your minds from the grip that these evils have over your fragile heads.

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2.59 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2005
2:15 PM EST
Comedy - Parody